Write a program to input two numbers and check whether they are equal or not in java

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Mar 16, 2022 · Java has options to enable the user to input numbers for addition operations. Review the process to enable user input for adding numbers, complete with the full code and the steps to check for errors.. Example Program 2 - Adding User Numbers Program. This program asks the user to enter a number. It then asks them whether they .... 5. Write a program to input an integer and find its factorial. 6. Write a program to input an integer and print its factors. 7. Write a program to input an integer and count the number of factors. 8. Java program to input an integer and check whether it is a prime number or not. 9. Java program to input 10 integers and find their sum. 10. Java. Take input any characters/ number /special character from user. Then, Use if statement checks whether the given input character is between a and z or A and Z. If TRUE, it is an alphabet. If condition returns false, it enters into elif statement. Inside the Elif, we are checking whether a character is between 0 and 9.
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